By Nii B. Andrews.

Over the last several days, I have spent quite a bit of quiet time seated in my favorite huge cream suede leather arm chair. It is placed next to one of the floor to ceiling windows that receive the Atlantic breeze coming over my dwarf boundary wall.

I have been looking carefully at old family photographs and thinking.

The cool weather has been fab but these are certainly not easy times, especially if you make time for contemplation and steel yourself against the local news or noise.

MOMOSHE/GWA; circa 1955- 1958.

Our best minds have told us that it is only through contemplation that we can gain useful insights concerning the nitty gritty of the human condition.

To put it in a somewhat brusque manner; Sophia – the whore, loves to cavort with contemplation. To wit, there is nothing worse than encountering an old fool; it is sad and numbs the spirit.

And it is not easy being green.

There have been drastic changes in our national fortunes and attitudes over the last several decades.

Is it therefore really unfortunate or out of place to say….or think, that Ghana is not worth dying for?

Rt Rev. E. M. L. ODJIDJA, Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, 1966.

Is it because some think it is indeed worth dying for? How do you in the current circumstances convince anyone that it is so?

Really? Tell us, share it with us so that we can all understand and become convinced and motivated.

Give us examples, recount for us how the ultimate sacrifice – or any sacrifice, paid off in making anything permanently better.

Healthy or unhealthy skepticism on the part of anyone should not and cannot be countered with the charge of being unpatriotic, lest any refuge takers or accusers are also identified in less than complimentary terms.

SUPT WALTER BONNEY-ANDREWS; at the time he was the highest ranking indigenous officer in the Gold Coast Police. He was killed in the line of duty on August 7, 1936.

The flag wavers, jingoists, titled pooh bahs, spin doctors, party hacks and prayer warriors are truly tiresome; we are no longer amused by their sophomoric antics; it has become increasingly difficult to tolerate them.

The terrible consequences of their ill-conceived actions are round and about us; poverty, ignorance and disease are all we see.

We are emphatic that there is nothing funny or endearing about the perennial display of buckets of toxic ignorance and dishonesty in our fractured and tortured society.

We also recognize that we have been thrust into a post-taboo era where utter shamelessness has become a virtue.

All kinds of people do and say all manner of things with a sardonic and sometimes impious recklessness. And then when their public conduct – cognitive deficiencies and or plain idiocy are critiqued- unpacked and unpicked; they start sulking, claiming to have been offended and start flailing and thrashing about.

WALTER BONNEY-ANDREWS; studio portrait, before 1936.

Enough of the mediocrity already; enough of the chicanery!

The world is certainly not linear but when will we see transformational leadership anchored in facts, evidence and reason?

When shall we stop doing the same thing with the same inbred individuals, and all the while expecting a different result?

Surely, it is time for something more worthwhile, wholesome, productive and perhaps even, enjoyable.

NBA with parents ( ANBA and GWA ) on christening day; Legon 1958.

Is that too much to hope for in the land of our birth?

Do we not have enough enlightened – yes, enlightened people who obey our laws and regulations? Are there no responsible or courageous people charged to enforce these laws?

We had them before. Today, what has happened?

Enjoy the vintage photos but remember; if you have nothing to die for then you certainly do not believe in anything.

8 thoughts on “A POST-TABOO AGE.”

  1. Nice to see your baby photo. Did not know you were christened ๐Ÿ˜‡ Really??
    What is there to die for here and now?
    Life goes on….Bad stuff happens; old fools abound.
    Have a nice day.

    1. Christening day!
      A different turn of phrase.
      There is redemption for the lowliest of us – even a reprobate like me.๐Ÿ™ˆ

      Have a great day.

  2. The youth are our hope especially when guided by the enlightened.
    Interesting clothing in the photographs.

  3. Indeed, itโ€™s Not Easy Being Green!! What a Wonderful piece! Flawless!

    Sad times when corrupt Idiots are in control!
    Keep Busting!

  4. Great piece, as always. I wish I had a story about why Ghana is worth dying for. Let’s see what the other readers have to say. Thanks, as always for sharing your thoughts (and pictures).

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