By Damali and Nii B. Andrews

Decorating a hallway need not be complex in order for it to be purposeful or functional.

Hallways are transitional spaces that connect the defined areas in a home; they are a ready canvas for decorating with art, rugs and stylish pieces of furniture.

In the hallway pictured above, the arrangement creates a unified vignette, thus giving a passersby reason to pause.

There is an arrangement of paintings on the first wall to the left; the wall is part of a massive archway.

This is then followed by a detailed colorful handwoven rug on which stands an unusual vintage rattan console table that also serves as a bar for storing beverages.

Another three hand woven rugs of varying size anchor the floor space until it terminates in a flight of stairs to the right with substantial carved banisters.

An interesting counterpoint- to the left, is the plain minimalist clear glass doorway that leads into an open courtyard with a splash pool.

Since the hallway ceiling, which consists of huge dark cedar beams, is at a height of 21 feet above the floor level, the soaring white walls are covered with multiple modernist vibrant paintings.

Two life size anthropomorphic iron sculptures stand guard by the staircase to balance the paintings high up on the walls, the large chandelier hanging from the massive cedar ceiling and the antique floor to ceiling dark cedar sculptural doors with their brass accents.

A round rattan table on a pedestal base with accompanying seating – jazzed up with colorful printed cushions, has been placed next to the arched window looking into the courtyard.

This serves as a breakfast nook or a reading or conversation area.

The aggregation of iron, brass, wood, glass, rattan and paintings on canvas in the hallway creates an interesting melange of complimentary colors, patterns and textures.

Thus the hallway has been transformed into an impactful (oops!) and functional space leading to a significant increase in the livable area of the home.

It’s certainly a place to linger for conversation or to read or simply to enjoy the artwork.

4 thoughts on “A PURPOSEFUL HALLWAY.”

  1. Waow. If you know what you’re doing…

    Amazing. Brings to mind the cedars of Lebanon in the Good Book.
    I never thought just a hallway could be transformed like this…much less be the focus of a story.

  2. I love this article.
    Hallways are one of my favorite spaces..
    very apt description given.
    The pictures are very Mediterranean & very interesting.
    It is always the contrast of floors, walls & ceilings that make the difference create the space & the embellishments are the decor pieces described.
    But there’s the other school of thought – “Less is more”- the Mies Van der Rohe option. Just a chair, rightly placed, with one rug defining the space is sufficient.
    Some of us are in between. A “focus wall” differently finished in addition to the contrast in floors, walls & ceiling, & 2 large paintings are all one needs. “Tastes differ” said the pig to the monkey….
    The subject is “appreciating the hallway”….& it is well written. Kudos..!!
    & I love the word “Bannister ”…
    I havnt heard it in yonks….😊😊
    Nice to hear it again😊👍🏾
    We hear “balustrades” these days….

    1. Thank you for the support, LH

      Yes indeed….Mies!

      But as you may have noticed, the only pieces of furniture are the rattan bar and the breakfast table within the soaring space with the cedar beams.

      The architectural elements/bones are so strong that the few furniture pieces are not cluttering and the art helps to “warm”/humanize the space.

      We tried to show that with pics displaying the bare floor before we the rugs were placed.

      Wonderful commentary from an OPERATIVE , Thanks again.

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