By Nii B. Andrews.

For the last several weeks, COVID-19 has come to dominate our lives and led to an almost total dislocation of the status quo ante.

Tragedy, death, isolation, separation and anxiety have been writ large on human life and the haunting drawing by Alex Andrews – a 14 year old budding artist, depicts this well.

At least one perspective has pointed to us – humans, as the REAL VIRUS that has caused havoc over the face of land and water.

Who knew that in ghana, USD 100M was available to improve our decrepit health system – operationalize idle ICU equipment, prevent women and newborn babies from lying on the floor, hire real staff not square pegs in round holes; who knew?

And where are those drones? Can they not even deliver sanitizer?

Self isolating chamber 1, Tema, March 2020. Aka Brain- buster Chamber.

There are 10 x more V8s for government officials in Accra alone than the total number of functioning ICU beds in the whole country……meehn!! 

It is certainly time that we recalibrated our modus operandi for our very survival has been called into question.

To talk about art at this time may seem out of place and perhaps even silly and trivial.

But it may well help us to refocus our priorities and thoughts as we must during and hopefully beyond this existential crisis.

Indeed, are our aesthetic parameters and values not related to our cultural identities?

Self isolating chamber II, Tema, March 2020.

Are we not better when we transcend these categorizations fostered by tradition, culture and nationality? 

The adherence to these parameters is what has contributed not insignificantly to our present predicament…..”America First”, “This be ghana” and all other insular slogans included.

As we are forced off the streets; out of galleries and museums; mandated to self-isolate or placed in strict quarantine, we could use the time on our hands to read about, and contemplate on CAA or any other inspired art.

It could reduce our anxiety especially with the torrent of bad news and unclear expectations.

UNTITLED: Alexander Nii Blebo Andrews. Courtesy of the artist.

An easy place to start is to reference our PORTFOLIO posts and follow up by looking at further examples of the artists’ work online.

Who knows, if and when better times return, you may by then have found an artist whose work you want to purchase for your collection and enjoyment.

For now, remember to wash your hands as often as you can and please follow all the other prevention guidelines.

Stay safe and enjoy CAA while doing your heroic bit by adhering to the social distancing rules.

May GOD protect us and have mercy on us ALL and bring us Back to Happier Times Soon, we hope and pray!

9 thoughts on “ART AND THE VIRUS.”

  1. Good morning Nii, I am sitting in Germany, my return flight to Ghana got cancelled twice, and now it’s in the news that Stuttgart airport might close before the end of the week.

    We are indeed viruses and Mother Earth is having a break.

    By the way, the article is as always brilliant, and I love the last photo 😁.

  2. Hey guys, what’s so funny…let me in, I need some of that good old laughter about now with all this mess we dealing with! Give me some…


  3. Good morning Mbra. True, we need to do everything In our power to protect ourselves and loved ones against this virus which is wreaking terrible havoc world wide.
    It is also interesting that within the gloom lie flashes of good will and some positive indications, but boy o boy what a price to pay for so” little” in comparison…….
    Have a great day.

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