By Tanya Jardi Kordylas. 

KASA FIE is an international non-profit foundation created in 2012 by Ghanaian artist Marigold Akufo-Addo. 

At the core of our mission is art as a sustainable therapeutic and transformative force to improve the living conditions of autistic and physically challenged children.

Art therapy involves the use of creative techniques such as drawing, painting, collage, colouring or sculpting to help children express themselves artistically and examine the psychological and emotional undertones in their art. 

With the guidance of a credentialed art therapist, children can ‘decode’ the nonverbal messages, symbols and metaphors often found in these art forms, which should lead to a better understanding of their feelings and behaviour so they can move on to resolve deeper issues. 

The name Kasa fie is culled from the foremost Akan dialect -Twi. It essentially translates as ‘house of the spoken word’.

Culturally, that speaks to the poetic and erudite power of the arts manifested within a safe haven- where all charity begins.

To commemorate Autism Awareness month, Kasa fie hosted a spectacular event at the Kempinski Hotel in Accra. 

The occasion titled ‘Art and Autism’ was a fundraising event to display, auction and exhibit paintings by children with autism and other disabilities. The children were awarded trophies and medals for their efforts and to acknowledge their work.

Over the past few months, the Kasa fie team has worked with Harmony Community and Disability Center, Autism Awareness Care and Training, Casa Italia Orphanage, Sencdrac and New Horizon Special School to encourage the children to work on paintings using the theme of the Ghana flag.

Funds raised will be channelled into introducing the concept of art therapy which is founded on the belief that self-expression through artistic creation has therapeutic value for those who are healing or seeking deeper understanding of themselves and their personalities. 

Art therapists are trained to understand the roles that colour, texture, and various art media can play in the therapeutic process and how these tools can help reveal one’s thoughts, feelings, and psychological disposition.

We believe that every child no matter their adversity is a star.

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