By Nii B. Andrews

Once every two years, the great African city of Dakar, hosts a major international art exhibition that is open exclusively to African artists and the diaspora.

The 13th edition opens tomorrow, May 3; it will continue through till June 2 2018.

Dak’art strives at being a venue for a myriad of prejudice-free perspectives relative to numerous influences from sources near and far afield.

Thus the Biennale provides a prominent venue to showcase otherwise usually marginalized artists whose work is not confined to prevailing categories, certainties and ethics.

Simon Njami.

This year, seventy-five artists from thirty-three countries will have their work featured in an exhibition entitled,  “A New Humanity”.

Within this international exhibition and at several other official sites, a special space will be created for children to introduce them to the contemporary art of Africa.

Furthermore, in order to engage directly with the population of Dakar, each municipality within the city will have a “Barak” where children, young people and women are invited to define and express themselves artistically.

Simon Njami, the acclaimed writer, curator and scholar, returns as the Artistic Director for the 13th edition of Dak’art.

There are also 5 other guest curators who will each curate a collective show involving 3 to 5 artists.

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