It may be difficult not to feel despondent and harbor a sense of foreboding at this time.

Several egomaniacs stride across the international stage while in most of Africa, greed, incompetence, fallacious spin and plain treachery are the calling card of the so called leaders (political and otherwise) and numerous public servants.

It beggars belief!

NBA down time. The usefulness of innocent mirth should never be discounted. And of course, everything else in moderation.

But in no way shall we succumb to pessimism and loathing.

“O how ridiculous are the boundaries of mortals!” wrote Seneca.

We should always place in perspective, “the squabbles of mites on a plum….a pale blue dot” as described by the cosmologist Carl Sagan.

And the exhortation of Archibald MacLeish, “….. to see ourselves as riders on the Earth together, brothers on that bright loveliness in the eternal cold”, is now most especially relevant as our current ecology suggests an augury of disaster.

For sure, we shall never accept the superlative importance of the bottom line as preached by the BANKsters, poliTRIKcians and their rent seeking bean counters, no matter what spin they put on it.

With Damali – December 31 2017, at the Epicurean; the Brownsville possé was also in the house.

Through out all ages, it has always been possible to seek fulfillment in the contemplative life and aesthetics – without of course taking things too seriously.

But who can deny the pure fun of a well fitting, rakish, rust orange, corduroy DB jacket; or a vintage 1940’s “gangster blade” barathea tuxedo; or perfectly grilled and garnished fresh squid; or the drop dead virtuosity of an Anatsui or Saka  Acquaye art piece; or the caress of vintage Kente cloth – a welding of silk into harmonious bars of syncopated color?

December 31 2013; vintage 1940’s barathea – “gangster blade” with yes…Mary Janes.

Wisdom and Beauty are attributes of the Deity, not so?

And as such, there will always certainly be several points of light to ensure that the indomitable human spirit shall always soar above the dark clouds of ignorance and ignominy.


My answer – Emmanuel!

God is with us; He NEVER slumbers or leaves his people without a witness among them.

So let us all go out and enjoy New Year’s eve as best as we can and safely.


May GOD have MERCY on us and BLESS us ALL.

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  1. Good morning my brother. As you stated, May God have mercy on us and bless us all! Indeed there is no room for DESPONDENCY even if things seem crazy… remember that the price of peace is always eternal vigilance!

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