Nii B. Andrews.

Currently, there are a host of items that we find we must carry almost everyday and everywhere.

These include phones, keys, notepads and documents. 

Pockets simply will not do. And even worse, placing the items in your pockets will ruin the silhouette of your clothing and rapidly also, the clothing material. 

Tan Leather folio, 28 x 33cm; hand done, contrast stitching; in use since 2014.

As a result, gentlemen have started carrying clutch bags…..or if you prefer folios.

The leather clutch/folio comes into its own as a stylish or rakish accessory that serves the purpose. 

Again our African craftsmen and artisans excel at producing sleek versions in different sizes, colors and shapes. Exotic types crafted from crocodile,  alligator, ostrich and python skin are also available. 

Chestnut brown Leather portfolio; 20 x 26cm; leather hinge lock; in use since 2010

There is a much loved python skin folio that I bought in 1982 which is still in use.

We should support our artisans by buying the leather clutches; they even pair extremely well with a suit.

The imported synthetics from you know where, cannot match our African leather folios in gravitas or style.

Dark brown Leather portfolio; 36 x 29 cm; metal stud closure; 2018.

The patina gained over years of use of the leather is also remarkable and adds to the uniqueness of each folio.

Another advantage of the clutch is the ease with which items can be reached. Unlike an attaché case, the folio does not need to be laid down in order to access the contents.

Brilliant honey patina on a vintage portfolio.

This is particularly helpful when reaching for a phone, keys or a pen.

A leather cream is all you need to maintain the folio. 

Certainly, we can all agree that you need not have loads of money to look elegant and that is why it is fun.

3 thoughts on “MEN’S CLUTCH BAG/FOLIO.”

  1. Lovely… and Sole Inspiration in Accrawill make one for you with high quality leather. As above or your own design. But no zips.
    Website being updated….

  2. I have been looking for one like that myself. I ordered a couple from Amazon but don’t really like the styling. It would be nice if the images you have, showed them open as well.

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