“……..how willing we are to go any lengths to preserve our freedom.

It’s been 50 years.

…….. We actually have bank accounts now. We have credit cards and we can buy a house. We can serve on juries. We hold offices and are lawyers. 

We write for newspapers and we run them. We host TV shows and direct movies. 

We run hospitals and universities and non-profits and write plays about vaginas and books about fascists and fascism. 

We can’t be tossed aside.

This is our world now. 

And these are our bodies.”

****Morgan Otagburuagu (a Lagos based photographer) produces striking, experimental imagery that celebrates the strength of the female body and the iridescent beauty of skin. Image courtesy of doylewham gallery******

“We know what you are up to – this is just the beginning of your diabolical plan to rob us of contraception and marriage equality and civil rights and on and on. 

This is all part of your desperation to prevent the future that is on the verge of being born – a future where we know our past and begin to reckon with it, a future where we teach critical race theory and the truth about white supremacy and sexism and transphobia.

A future where we care for our Earth and devote our lives to protecting air and water and forests and animals and all living things, a future where people have autonomy over their bodies and wombs and gender and marry who they want to, and don’t get married if they don’t want to, and have babies if they want to, and don’t have babies if they don’t want to.”

****Mystical African woman in Body and Spirit: Series #1, Cecilia Lamptey-Botchway, Mixed Media, Oil, Computer Panels, Fabrics and Acrylic on Canvas (75 1/5 × 74 4/5 in, 191 × 190 cm), 2019.******

“Despite all your lies, strategies and devious ways you are simply never going to stop us.

You have unleashed our fury, our solidarity, our unity.

We know that our future and everything we have fought for is at stake.

I am willing to lay my body down for this freedom, for every freedom and I know there are multitudes who will do the same.”

V – formerly EVE ENSLER

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