“Life and art are about risk. 

And the same goes for curating a collection. 

In fact, risk-taking has been instrumental to everything I’ve done professionally. 

You have to be willing to take chances, combining lesser-known, emerging artists with established masters, because it is the unknown and undiscovered who bring a fresh and fearless new perspective that challenges the status quo.

……..I know what I like at first glance and what will sell, but I’m also very interested in artists who have committed their lives to their craft. 

****INSTANT JUSTICE, Kweku “Owura” Opoku, 42 x 56 cm, Acrylic, Gouache, Chalk & Pastels on wood & plastic composite, 2022. Courtesy of the artist.****

Plus, discovering emerging artists, connecting them with collectors and helping them develop their careers is indescribably gratifying. I want to know about their ideas on art, society and the world, and that they’re always evolving and growing. 

So of course I want eye-catching pieces, but I also want to know that they come from a place of commitment and perception.

That’s the kind of art I want to work with and encourage.”


ARTcapital Ghana

*****OLD TOWEL (Ancient Cloth Series) El Anatsui; wood relief, oke-ofo, oyili-oji, akparata, okpo-ocha woods. 138 × 56 cm; 1993. Signed and dated upper left corner. Private collection.******


“Art is a passion purchase. 

Future value is secondary, so buy what you love, try to avoid things that are hyper-trendy, and if you can, don’t buy anything until you have gone through the fair at least once. 

And once you decide on something, sleep on it.”


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