“I’ve always been careful to distinguish between those couturiers who benefit from women and those who benefit them.

So my choice to display the work of Noureddine Amir might come as a surprise.

I use the word ‘work’ and not ‘clothing’ because Noureddine is an artist who uses garments to create his body of work.

As others create what are called ‘installations’, he displays sculpted dresses made from raw materials.

His work is certainly different from that of Yves Saint Laurent.

Yet don’t artists, when they have talent, speak the same language?”.



Amir’s exhibit at the YSL museum, Marrakech, 2018
Noureddine Amir.
Doing research in the library of Pierre Bergé with librarian, Juan Palao Gòmez; YSL museum, 2018.



“The boldness seen since then in my work, I owe to this country, to its audacious combinations, to the fervor of its creativity.

………Marrakech taught me color.

Before Marrakech, everything was black.”



Damali vibing with Sanaa El Younsi -Curator, YSL museum, 2018.


Cosmopolitan crowd calmly waiting to enter the YSL museum, 2018. Currently there is a dazzling exhibit of Amir’s sculpted clothing (it ends April 22 http://www.artcapitalghana.com/#/article/1941) and of course there is always the extraordinary YSL permanent collection.


Bamana antecedents in a fab YSL design.

3 thoughts on “QUOTATION # 25”

  1. “Marrakech taught me colour. Before Marrakech everything was black”

    Hmmm. ….it is so sad for us here in Ghana where those who steal our monies don’t even do anything nice with it so that we can go and see and enjoy ourselves. It is all wasted on useless things. 😥😱😓

  2. Hello Nii, Nourredine Amir is definitely an artist.
    And this show was by far one of the best I’ve seen for a long time.The scénography was amazing!

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