[On Ghanaian football]

“What Ghanaians have seen and heard so far is disgraceful, a blot on our conscience as a nation, and simply disrespectful.

People are placed in positions of power and authority to help lift Ghana up, show our flag at global tournaments, and sing the Anthem with pride.

We expect some decorum from them.

We expect them to treat the Ghanaian public with respect.”

CATHARSIS: George Afedzi-Hughes, 2008, 71x83ins, Acrylics, Oils and Enamels on canvas. Av.

“If these people turn around and abuse their office, something has to be done.

The President has acted.

There was once a time when Ghana was known for its football talent and could be counted on to thrill the nation and beyond.

In the last 15 years, our leaders have looked on as football administrators become celebrities, court jesters, bankers carrying millions of dollars to foreign countries against Banking regulations, Sports ministers join the gravy train of corruption, while political parties exploit the immense resources that football marshals.

That is the crux of the problem.”

RAIN BALLS; George Afedzi- Hughes, 2011, 62×38.5, acrylics, oils, enamels on canvas.

“Ghana sat back and watched as rot, worse than Ebola, gripped the country ‘involving GFA officials, top NSA officials, football administrators,’ etc, and I should add, politicians.

The list provided by Government is unending.

Where were our Parliamentarians when Ghana failed to qualify for the World Cup?”

MADE IN THE COLONIES; George Afedzi-Hughes, 2008-11, 71 x 97 ins, Acrylics, Oils, Enamels on canvas. Av.

“Where were the football ‘stakeholders’ when rumours of corruption and rot filled the air in Ghana?

We looked on.

Now we watch…….explosive video and once again do what we do best, hypocritical cries of horror and disbelief.

Shame on us all.”


PARALLEL: George Afedzi-Hughes, 2009-11, 72x120ins, Acrylics, Oils, Enamels on canvas. Av.

***All images are by kind courtesy of the artist.

8 thoughts on “QUOTATION # 31.”

  1. Art. I like it
    In PARALLEL, the football boot is parallel to an AK-47!

    The boot has been used to assault us.

  2. Beautiful piece!
    But a totally sad reflection on our society today.
    Nuthin new, as earlier exposés have proved; child trafficking, customs officials, judges, etc…

  3. I wonder how we’ll come out of this.

    We have to sanitize, re-grow and psyche potential administrators and up-coming talents to learn to operate without stained hands or sleight of hand.

  4. Shame on us all, indeed!
    My father loved and supported Ghanaian Football for years.
    He’d be weeping now were he still alive!

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