“Let me tell you something that baffles me.

I was telling somebody that each time I go to the international airport, before I board the plane, I spend a minimum of 30 minutes in the departure lounge, because there are two outstanding and very conspicuous works in that departure lounge and they are by Ben Enwonwu.

People walk past them constantly without even taking a glance.

So, I was telling my friend that a lot of people don’t know the value.”

VIRTUOSO II: George Afedzi-Hughes, mixed media on canvas, 173 x 119 cm, 1999. Signed and dated left lower corner. Private collection. Illustrated “African Arts”, Spring 2001.

“So the first thing is awareness.

People should begin to understand the national value of some of these things.

The same man who did those works has his works in the United Nations building in New York.

But back home we walk past it, we don’t appreciate it.

How do you explain that?

People should be taking photographs standing next to it. People should be appreciating it.

I am sure that if you put a nice sports car there, people would take photographs with it.

That is the split that we have.”


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