[On Public servants and illegal mining].

“Yes, the only people who are not shocked by what we have allowed to happen to our rivers and streams, our forest reserves and our farms, are the selfish ingrates masquerading as our public servants, to whom money is more important than the very survival of Ghana as a nation.

These are, of course, the judges and magistrates, the policemen and the prosecutors, who take money and allow the destroyers to get away scot-free or with minimal punishment, if ever they are caught; those who arrange bail for galamsey offenders; and those who pester our Ministers with telephone calls when their galamsey sidekicks are caught.”

Denzel Oduro, digital print, 2018; Courtesy of the artist. 

“………For isn’t it a shame that we should wait for a Chinese diplomat who is only four months into the job, to come and tell us that we are shifting the blame for the destruction of our own environment to Chinese people, whilst leaving untouched, the Ghanaian collaborators who bring the Chinese here inthe first place and facilitate their ability to operate? 

Do we know what the Chinese would do if the situation were reversed and Ghanaians were caught in China fomenting, say, religious trouble?”

RED LIPS: Kofi Setordji, acrylic on canvas, 102 x 72 cm, signed lower left. Private collection.

“The Chinese people who imported such religious fanatics would be fished out and sent to “education camps”. And the Ghanaians would be shown what to with their religious zeal. 

 ………Is the destruction of the drinking water of a populace not as serious as religious insurrection? 

If we show ourselves to be fools who do not know what is in our own interest, we shall be shown up for what we are.

Welcome, Mr Zhu Jing!” 


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  1. The leaders who are unreciprocatey lenient to these law-breaking foreigners are the same leaders who get angry when our country’s name is dragged into the mud by the western media. A shame.

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