“I love to live simultaneously in different places. 

Indeed, I consider myself a world citizen, an inspired nomadic animal who needs to travel to survive, a speck of dust in the universe, blown by some strange wind of curiosity.

I have always been interested in the variety of cultures, but I hate the boundaries between people, and I do not recognize myself in the usual qualifications of limited identity.

I’ve always fought to promote the strength of originality against the monster of uniformity, which is what usually happens, and I’m scared by it.”

TEMPS MODERN VII: Mariam Abouzid Souali, acrylic on canvas, 120 x 150 cm, 2019. Signed and dated. Courtesy of Comptoir des Mines Gallery.

“By building my own identity and trying to share my personal (and I hope my singular) views with others, I expect to participate in the quest for harmony in respecting differences.

Different tribes can have their own beliefs and customs but can still live together and grow a better place together.

I would like us to keep this wealth of diversities as long as possible.

Art must be a way to promote it. 

At the same time, even though I can be a dreamer, I’m also very concise of the reality that we are kind of unfortunate witnesses of uniformity in all ways – thinking, behavior, architecture, culture.

So as I travel in each culture that I have the privilege to physically approach, I take it as a gift.

I love to observe and pick up the elements from history and present time that feed my ‘knowledge, worries, and hopes’ about our time and our world.

And I act, trying to create positive and provocative images to tilt the changes towards a better future.”


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