[On Music]

“As sons and daughters of Africa we have always been equipped with ancient knowledge – answers to life’s most complex riddles and contradictions.

These strategies for life, death, love, war… survival, are inscribed within our very dna.

These codes are announced in the rhythms of drums.

They can be felt in the visceral harmonies of our collective voices in song and chant.”

“They are articulated in the movement of our feet and hips.

Regardless of its form; a tribal drum circle, a Gospel choir, a jazz trio, a funk band, a rap cypher… the language of us, of who we are, and who we can become has informed and entertained us.”

“It remains our sacred medicine and at other times, soul food.

This code has been our comforter and inspiration, a muse.

We call it music.”

“Music is a a sacred art.

It is the thread that links us across space both physical and cultural.

It is a bridge that spans across time.”

                                                                                   FAHAMU PECOU, PhD

                                                           (Multidisciplinary Artist and Scholar)

Artwork and photos are by and courtesy of Fahamu Pecou and his galleriest Backslash Gallery.

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