“Jeans are rough, and in a humid climate, can lead to rashes and thigh cuts. Wearing denim in humid cities…….should be considered an extreme sport.

…….The struggle to wear the in-fashion jeans is a chore nobody misses. 

You’ve to shake, squat, in some cases, lie on the bed and cry a little just to get them over your waist.

It’s not only vanity, though.”

“Bidding goodbye to denim is also good for the environment. 

Jeans are a water-intensive garment, with a single pair consuming up to 10,000 litres of water in production. 

The weathered jeans are not great for your skin either and exposes it to toxic chemicals such as cyanide. 

A pair of jeans goes through several chemical washes, which are harmful to the factory workers making them as well. And it doesn’t help if they are underpaid and working in exploitative sweatshops.”

“The pair of jeans that you buy probably cost more than the monthly wages paid to those who make them.

So, while you’re rethinking allegiance to denim and working from home, it’s a good idea to inspect all that makes up your wardrobe.”

“For now, goodbye denim. 

We’ll remember you in some songs for the sake of nostalgia. 

But definitely not in our every day lives.”

                                                                   SHUBHANGI MISRA


Just realised that I have not owned a pair of blue jeans in the last 30 years, now why is that?

But a denim shirt is an entirely different matter. Perhaps that could be explained as heart over brain. 

In the tropics or during summer, light wash denim jeans paired with a T shirt and an overshirt can work; the key as always is the fit.

The cool and understated elegance of Jason Jules coupled with the confident poise of Janine Gaëlle Dieudji – the celebrated curator, both seen above, should hopefully provide some inspiration.

Have a great week, folks.

7 thoughts on “QUOTATION # 90.”

  1. Thanks for sharing. Amazing that jeans are not discussed more in the drive for fashion to become more environmentally friendly.

  2. Interesting! You know, I have never owned or worn denim – jeans or shirt. Never ever!

  3. Ah..as for this…I no go gree! Currently marking Jeans on my way to work..I wear every single day of the week 😊..as for this! I no go gree! I don’t wear faded Jeans or stonewashed Jeans am I exempted😅

  4. 😊Nice exposé.

    All my jeans I ever owned were gifted to me. Now I have none, but in our erratic power supply country, we can wear jeans without needing to iron them.

  5. I hear the argument against denim jeans. However, l do not believe the very few of the culprits l own, shall destroy me or the world.

    We shall leave the real destruction to politicians. We know who they are.

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