“Yet, unlike the fools in our midst who leave a crater-ridden ‘moon-type landscape’ wherever they engage in galamsey today, our ancestors left us healthy, potable water sources.

Anyone who saw such rivers as the Ankrobra, Tano, Ofin, Birem, Oti, Densu and others only twenty years ago, would faint if ordered to drink water from them today.

For if they drank from these rivers, mercury and cyanide, among other chemicals employed to ‘pan for gold’ in their waters, would kill them.”

THE DESECRATED PRA RIVER: Eric Don Arthur, 2020. Courtesy of the artist.

“Indeed, our generation is the only one which is so stupid that out of greed, it actually goes out of its way to import foreigners with no feeling for our ancestral lands, to come and kill our water-bodies with excavators and chanfangs and carry our gold away as booty, in return for undermining our people’s future survival as a nation.

They bring us such ‘skills’ as doing away with ‘primitive methods of small-scale gold mining’ and teach us how to use excavators to scoop up sand and pebbles from our riverbeds and wash it with mercury and cyanide in the rivers, where chanfangs are parked for days to do the dirty job.”

SPIRITUAL WARFARE: Otis Kwame Kye Quaicoe, mixed media on board, 61 x 81 cm, 2017, signed lower left. Private collection.

“And they threaten to harm our Operation Vanguard personnel who try to stop them, as well as concerned local citizens, with pump-action shotguns and AK-47s.

Many Chinese have been caught armed with these guns plus ammunition.

But if they are taken to court, (and that’s a big IF!) they are not charged with unlawful possession of firearms.

The worst charge they usually face is the flouting of immigration laws – which the courts duly punish with a mere slap on the wrists.

Alas! Ghana, is this you, after 64 years of nationhood?”


April 2021.

***********NBA COMMENT.

These clowns, criminals and so called leaders appear to be doing their best to get us ALL killed!

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