By Nii B. Andrews.

Art has been part of the curriculum since the inception of Achimota School in 1927.

The roll call of Akora (as the alumni of the school are called) artists comprises many luminaries and a significant number of them have been unapologetic in pioneering an aesthetic firmly rooted in African tradition.

Twenty five years ago the OAA 1974 year group showcased the work of some of these Akora artists in the first edition of AKORAart.

It was a well patronised event held at the now defunct Signature Gallery located at Osu. 

This year was the celebration of the 50th year since the 1974 graduating class left the school.

The artworks for the 2nd edition of AKORAart had been scrupulously chosen to reveal a coherent whole of some of the most powerful pieces created in Ghana in the late 20th century and at the start of the new millennium. 

It is noteworthy that most of the paintings came from the private collections of Akora collectors, many of whom over the years have honed their connoisseurship and been consistent patrons of CAA.

A significant number of  the exhibited pieces had never been shown and also quite a few that had not been seen for decades.

The exhibition featured 20 historic works, four works were by two lady Akora artists: Anne Blankson-Hemans and the late Theodocia Okoh – who designed the Ghana flag.

Ten of the works were by the illustrious AKORA AMON KOTEI who designed Ghana’s coat of arms.

This edition of the exhibition was primed to focus on his work which is coveted by prominent collectors across the world and by prestigious galleries and  museums.

AKORAart 2024 also helped  to introduce Akora Amon Kotei to a  younger audience who may not be familiar with or even aware of his work.

And furthermore, hopefully, act as a bulwark against the near total commodification by neoliberal culture of art thereby leaving hardly precious little context to experience anything else – a sad situation where markets determinedly know or fix the cost of everything and the value of nothing.

All told, there were also ten other works from other Akora artists over the last nine decades thus providing a variety of stylistic languages and genres including photography, painting and sculpture.

ARTcapital GHANA’s  refurbished modest BAN2 Gallery  in Tema hosted this year’s edition of AKORAart on behalf of the OAA 1974 YEAR GROUP.

It was under the high patronage of the OAA PRESIDENT and the PRESIDENT OF OAA 1974 YEAR GROUP.

AKORAart 2024 was in honor of the late AKORA SETH DEI – a relentless visionary; a stalwart and prolific collector of CAA.

There were 2 pieces featured in the exhibition from his internationally renowned collection.

AKORAart 2024 ran from February 29 to March 6th as part of the celebration of Achimota School’s 97th Founders’ Day.

It is our hope that it will become an integral part of every Founders’ Day Celebration from now on since art is a prominent part of the legacy of Achimota – the Glory of the Coast.

8 thoughts on “AKORAart 2024  –  ONLY THE SECOND EDITION.”

    I am looking forward to the edition that commemorates the centenary which is just round the corner.

  2. Many thanks for sharing the unique collection of Akora Art in a very appropriate setting.

    The prose, so aptly describing & putting the works into context ‘ain’t shabby either’!!

    Keep up the good work showcasing not only African art but more specifically AKORAart!!

    I very much hope the concept will be adopted & made an integral part of every future Founder’s Day Celebration as suggested (a hope & a prayer🙏🏽).


  3. Thanks for sharing. It was a pleasure to be at the art exhibition. I have the booklet.

  4. This is a very positive move. I must say I wish my former school had such visionary ideas.

  5. Nii, thank you very much for sharing the writeup about AkoraArt 2024.

    Very successful and a beautiful exhibition.

    Thank you for honoring Akora Amon Kotei and introducing the young artists to his contribution to Ghana and his work globally.


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