By Nii B. Andrews

How do we get our young professionals and middle class who have the means to buy fine contemporary African art (CAA)?

Over the years, it has been apparent that three reasons constitute the biggest drawbacks for the aforementioned group.

First is a lack of knowledge about the artists; second, is a fear that they will spend a large sum of money for something that is simply not worth it and third is the inability to differentiate between art and craft.

For this group of potential buyers, the primary or secondary art market has very little meaning.

Many are vaguely aware of the emotional value and significant financial returns that can result from collecting CAA and are looking to learn enough to participate meaningfully.

But they do not know how and where to begin.

They find gallery visits intimidating as their perception is that you must be knowledgeable about art and you must be willing and able to spend lots of money.

This is where ARTcapital Ghana’s regular curated shows for small groups of invited buyers becomes valuable.

In what is a classy, laid back atmosphere; friendly experts are available to talk about the artists and the work on display to the invited group.

There is a deliberate attempt to avoid a “pressure cooker sale atmosphere”.

By carefully selecting the people invited as a group to the curated buying show, the guests begin to gain confidence in their own aesthetic judgment.

Unpressured, they can then start their collections of CAA, enjoy the purchases and expand their collection based on their individual aesthetic preferences and personal goals.

Damali, the ARTcapital Ghana COO explained, “the ambience of our curated show for buyers is elegant, calm and friendly; lots of great beverages, excellent nibbles and conversation; and of course wicked art work that we bring to life”.


Have you thought of starting a CAA collection?

Have you been invited to an ARTcapital Ghana curated show for buyers yet?

Did you know that one is held at least every quarter?

Will you like to participate?

Then do not hesitate to contact us.


  1. I love your esthetic! Keep up the fine artistic work you are doing. Love the art. Love the display and settings of the art. You are on to something very wonderful and it’s appreciated. Thank you for your keen eye in spotting and claiming some real fabulous pieces.

  2. Brilliant and so needed for all of us. You give us history, knowledge, passion, culture and the product! An investment in the life of Contemporary African Art (CAA) and a good investment for the collector in so many ways! I wish that there could be a link to your site on the new African American Museum in Washington DC. How do we get this going?

  3. Art capital Ghana,s curated art shows are a great way to encourage potential art collectors to step up. I particularly love the idea of a “no pressure “environment which is great. The next step is to advertise the time table for these art shows. The rest will be done by word of mouth and personal contacts. Nice idea this!!!!!!!

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