[On the rescue of the Thai Wild Boars]

“In the end, oxygen is what mattered, and in taking in oxygen for the boys, one man lost his life, not having left enough for himself.

SAMAN KUNAN died trying to save the lives of others.

We must not forget him.

………But they did it, and they knew when and how to do it.

When I say they, I mean this fantastically well coordinated team of Thai Navy Seals and international cave divers who came forward to help.”

PERMUTATIONS:George Afedzi-Hughes, 2011, 70.5 x 99 ins Acrylics, Oils and Enamels on canvas. Courtesy of the artist.


“Experts: who needs them?

……..This story touches us because it is elemental, but also because every detail runs counter to the egomania and selfishness and fake bravado that appears to be running the world.

……what we have seen was not a random act of kindness but a model of international cooperation and coordinated selflessness.

This is how human beings can be, and it has been magnificent.

The boys have been freed by bravery, incredible expertise and a word that I am scrabbling for and can now, finally, use: love.”


5 thoughts on “QUOTATION # 36.”

  1. Thanks for sharing.. .and for a moment , thought the art was section through the caves. Haha
    Imagination is what we need to overcome our perceived constraints – the fodder for CREATIVITY.
    See you soon.

  2. Congratulations to the Thai navy seals and all collaborators! They have indeed brought out the best in our humanity in this insane world.
    Have a wonderful day Doctor

  3. True Dat! If you can check out an op ed or editorial in last Monday’s edition of USA Today which was on a similar theme. That the world works best when we work together. It’s really a shame what’s happening now in the world. Hope we can all learn from the show of love and collaboration that was exhibited in the cave in far away Thailand.

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