[On deriving personal meaning from a work of art]

“There is no wrong answer.

Keep your mind and your eyes open and try to translate what you’re seeing and feeling into words. 

And that’s the beginning of a conversation. 

There’s no final, definitive interpretation of any work of art. 

Each is an ongoing question, and you can contribute to that dialogue. 

See the work as a conversation piece that enables you to connect with others.

 It’s a way to build bridges across communities and disciplines.”


MME DJENEBA HAABRE (La derniere generation; 2013-14): Joana Choumali. Courtesy of MACAAL.

3 thoughts on “QUOTATION # 63.”

  1. Very well put. It’s all about having personal views about an art piece but being able to accommodate other views at the same time. The conversation then becomes richer and so do the standards.

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