“As a country, we are not out of the woods yet in spite of the quality… quantity of various shades of improvement that we are adding to the lives and living standards of our people. 

We are not there yet. We are not out of the woods, but tell me: we do know that the basic needs of a human being to start with is food, clothing and shelter. 

When have we been able to achieve this before we started building our stadia or our national theatre? Food, clothing and shelter, have we been able [to provide it completely]?”

TOW AWAY: George Afedzi – Hughes, enamels and oil, 187 x 124 cm, 1998. Signed and dated lower left. Private collection.

 “There’s a housing deficit close to two million and yet we are building roads. Between roads and housing, the priority should be on housing. We build roads, we build schools, and we build health facilities. They are all to inure to the quality of life—the standard of living of our people.”

So, let’s not really say that not until we satisfied the basic human needs others things are luxurious. They are not… they are not, because as I said then, we should begin by saying that before we build a school, we should ensure that every Ghanaian has three square meals. 

Even the United States of America… can we say that every citizen of the United States of America has three square meals? 

And yet they have all these things that we so much enjoy. Let nobody tell me that not until maybe we are able to provide clothing for everybody, not until we are able to provide adequate housing to everybody these other things are luxuries.”

KYEI-MENSAH BONSU; Majority Leader.

TOW AWAY; lower third detail.


Meehn! There certainly is NO respite.

Will someone please look up the meanings of ‘piffle’, ‘paffle’, ‘waffle’ and ‘baffle’.

We sure know how to pick ’em, don’t we?

Can you imagine trying to explain and justify the context and rational of the above quotation to adolescents and young adults with enquiring minds?

If this is the quality of discourse in the current house, then we do not need to spend ANY money on upgrading the present one and certainly not on building a new one.

Enjoy the painting keeping in mind that here we do not do art for art’s sake. The number plate is a good starting point.

I shall say no more in order to keep it clean. 

Have a great weekend, folks.

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  2. Not an ounce of self awareness! Didn’t the progenitors of the current NPP call the current state House, which they now use as parliament, a white elephant? This is a useless bunch of politicians at work!

  3. Homework done!

    Checked the dictionary for the words.

    Good laughter for the weekend indeed!

    God bless!

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  5. No respite indeed.This subject is not worthy of my comment. Forgive me. Have a pleasant weekend my brother.

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