[Excerpts of interview with Kristen Cole]

Q: What does art mean to you?



I think beauty and culture matter now more than ever to society. 

I think we can all now appreciate how dull life becomes when you strip it all away. 

Art is the only way forward.

Artists offer us fresh vision and fearlessly share their experiences, pushing the rest of us forward. 

Without art and philosophy, we’d still be living in the Dark Ages. 

It’s totally essential to our humanity. 

LIKE SON LIKE FATHER: Kwesi Botchway, Acrylic on canvas. 55 x 59 in, 2020. Courtesy of Gallery 1957.

LIKE SON LIKE FATHER: Kwesi Botchway, Acrylic on canvas. 55 x 59 in, 2020. Courtesy of Gallery 1957.


What does style mean to you? How do you define the relationship between art and style, in your view? 


I don’t consider style as it relates to fashion. 

Style is just another word for expression. Which is why, even for someone like myself who’s been a fashion director and fashion expert for years, I don’t really “judge” style.

I can do that with fashion, but not with style. 

Style is the way we express ourselves creatively or in dress; it’s generally somewhat unique, but fleeting. 

Art is expression too, a communication between the artist and viewer, and style in art is just the way that idea is being communicated. It’s a slower, more truthful, and more enduring thing than style.

When we are looking at contemporary art, and really seeing it, we are connecting to the human experience of that moment.

I can’t wait to see the art that comes from this moment of crisis we are living through right now. I would guess there will be some major breakthroughs, and if anything, that’s one silver lining.

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GREEN FLUFFY COAT: Kwesi Botchway, Acrylic on canvas. 31 x 31 in, 2020. Courtesy of Gallery 1957.

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