By Nii B. Andrews.

My recent readings on Artificial Intelligence (AI) coupled with the photographs by Derrick. O. Boateng have led me to reflect deeply on Native Intelligence (NI) as manifested by the trending national discourse within ghana over the last 10 days.

The interventions, submissions  – including frankly putrid views and puerile insults on the utilisation of our limited resources (car loans and ?allowances /salaries) during a surge in the global pandemic just lead to abject despair on account of the dearth of rational leadership.

In the interim, while our covid numbers are rising; there is almost complete institutional nonchalance with respect to non vax related preventive measures even by those who we have to assume are educated.

WE BECOME WHAT WE WATCH: Derrick O. Boateng; from the Exhibition catalog – “A New Decade” curated by Lungi Morrison, Amba Gallery.

The picture is further muddied by vax delivery sites that are whispered to a selected few in a total departure from standard public health principles; and all this alongside the competing assertions of neo-Pentecostalism by an intransigent cohort.

This sad situation is perhaps best captured in its totality by the modern day Nero with his red hat; seated on a plastic chair at the beach watching an antiquated unplugged (? dumsor) TV set while his chair sinks slowly into the sand: photo 1.

If the colors mirror the national flag, then you are on the right track especially with deciphering who has blood on their head.

How else can one think of individual car loans each to the tune of 10x the cost of a brand new ventilator when currently there are 10 x the number of MPs as there are functioning ones for our ICUs……while of course, barely 2% of our population is fully vaccinated.

The residual non vaccinated cohort thus constituting a veritable variant factory with the damning/ apocalyptic possibility of a vaccine proof mutation.

TRADITION VERSUS CHANGE: Derrick O. Boateng; from the Exhibition catalog – “A New Decade”; curated by Lungi Morrison, Amba Gallery.

The situation is dire; we have demonstrated little to no respect for science or technology; we will rather eat (the) Apple instead of harnessing its archival, digital, intellectual and methodological resources.

Petals of blood threaten yet again to be our reward, no matter how far we are away from Eden……the 2nd photo; already four million souls have perished worldwide in 18 months.

If you eschew a romantic view of African history; but truly understand the prime capabilities of native intelligence and our real traditions; then you will treasure the powerful symbolism of our tricolor flag and its black star.

Hence today, you will spell it “ghana”; not Ghana if you are able to reconjugate. The need for constructive change becomes ever more urgent with each passing day.

But who is listening; and if they are, who understands and who cares?

When brilliance and native context find a nexus, truly sustainable local solutions will be created and native intelligence will bloom as it is reconjugated.


  1. Thanks a lot. How tragic. You have been very polite.The opposite of “intelligence” is “(crass)stupidity “.

  2. Good morning, Comrade. Very powerful and insightful – But who is listening and if they do, who understands? Ayekoo!

  3. Ohhh Nii, so much spoken from the center of my heart and mind. What is happening is sickening.

    A great start to the week.

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