By Nii B. Andrews.

Velvet is best reserved for nocturnal activities. 

In a post truth world of encircling and encroaching darkness, where shame is fast becoming an unknown commodity and opinion is dressed up as fact; it is important to carry an iron fist in a velvet glove.

Thus, the festive holiday season is a perfect time for the velvet blazer or jacket especially on account of the rounds of cocktails and dinner parties where the BEAUTY FULL people gather.

If you find yourself away from humid tropical weather at this time, then velvet does inject a hefty sartorial punch into the evening rotation.

The best colors are black, navy, deep green, brown and burgundy. A shawl collared jacket just sizzles; a double breast peak lapel rocks.

A velvet jacket can be worn with formal black tie accessories. This is mandatory if the invitation to the event says black tie.

Otherwise, a casual take is also possible by pairing it with an open necked white shirt or black or charcoal roll neck. 

When wearing an open neck shirt, a silk neckerchief spices things up.

Again, being the festive season, there is quite a bit of latitude with trousers or pants. Black of course always works since the correct shoes are black shoes.

But this is also when blackwatch tartan pants fit in so well – Scottish antecedents or cultural appropriation not withstanding.

A dash of red in the trousers is an option that also potentiates the festive mood.

The plushness of the velvet used for the jacket and its ever so subtle and nuanced shine make an ensemble dressy and appropriate for almost every festive nocturnal engagement. 

The addition of velvet Albert slippers provides for a louche and laid back look.

Need we remind ourselves yet again that the ladies are also welcome to indulge in a velvet blazer with an added bonus of being more likely to look sharp in velvet pants compared to the men?

Velvet has held its own for over 2500 years since its invention in China; it was popular during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance; today it still rightfully hugs the limelight.

It comes into its own after dark and gingers things up.

Glory to GOD in the highest! And on Earth, Peace; Goodwill towards all men.

Merry Christmas, folks!

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