Damali and Nii B. Andrews.

We met the Blues this week and refused to shake his right hand nor fist bump him; we did not even notice whether he had on a mask.

There was a birthday to begin the week and by mid week the 2nd shot went into our arms. Dosing up with Paracetamol kept things sane and simple.

But great danger still lurks as our country has less than 1% fully vaccinated and a variant threatens to sweep in from Asia; from here we suffer with them.

Right here, masking is the exception now; while water and electricity remain erratic, our landscape has been ravaged by foreigners aided by brain dead local accomplices some of who are in high places.

Elsewhere, Big Joe was gathering momentum by planning to ship out a total of 80m doses of vaccine where it is urgently needed.

But his swag has been affected by bombs that kill innocent children while making their parents out as monsters.

INVADER: Oluwole Omofemi, 2021. Courtesy OOA Gallery.

We tried to stave off the funk by enjoying the 1-54 African Art Fair when it opened online with Christie’s in New York ; 26 galleries are taking part in the event, which continues through 23 May; this is the 7th edition.

 Previously held in the West Village, this year’s event is being hosted online by Christie’s.

“Although we are sad not to be returning to our usual format, we are elated that our continued partnership and relationship with Christie’s has meant that we can once again exhibit the work of artists from Africa and its diaspora online via the auction house,” said Touria El Glaoui, the founding director of 1-54.

While sales are online only, there is an in-person element to the fair.

Zimbabwe-born, South Africa-based photographer Micha Serraf was named the winner of the Ritzau Art Prize 2021 as part of the fair’s programming. 

NOMMO: Unknown artist, wood. Private collection,

An exhibition of female artists who use textiles in their practice entitled KNOTTED TIES is taking place at Christie’s Rockefeller Center offices through 26 May. 

The artists featured include Ambrose, Igi Lola Ayedun, Joana Choumali, Lidia Lisbôa, Kimathi Mafafo, Turiya Magadlela, Dindga McCannon, Shervone Neckles, Josie Love Roebuck, and Tina Williams Brewer.

In New York, Paris, London: they too are apparently trying to shake off the blues.

We keep trying to do the same right here; so we contemplate NOMMO – a monumental plank schematic piece from the traditional African canon.

It displays a ritual gesture – arms raised in perfect balance with the elongated, cone shaped, bearded head and stretched torso with breasts and body decoration present in the form of scarification marks.

The figure is in supplication; it is attempting to communicate between earth and heaven; it is praying for rain.

Shake off the blues folks, pray for and be always grateful for life; we are.

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