There appears to be a persistent agnotology with respect to the Ghanaian smock.

The iconic garment is again under attack; it is therefore time to push back.

The various Ghanaian smock types and when to wear them have been described here

In recent times, the creeping fashion has been to wear a smock in a progressively tighter and shorter format......."piase"- almost like a tight shirt or blouse, two or three sizes too small!

Fig 1; Modern smock silhouette?

The tight fitted silhouette - the staple of western jackets, pants and shirts for the last decade, is being transferred to the wearing of our traditional smock.

This makes for an unflattering look.

Recently, a Ghanaian smock wearer was sighted with his belt buckle exposed since his smock length ended above the top of his pants.

Let us be clear, when the Ghanaian smock is worn with elegance, it has drape and ample arm holes.

Preferably, its body length should at least extend beyond arm's length when the wearer stands with his arms held straight down at his sides.

Fig 2; Notable personalities from Northern Ghana wearing smocks in classic fashion.

This ensures that the wearer's derrière is also nicely covered.
A few elegant examples are shown in the text for the avoidance of doubt. Can you spot them?

Fig 3; JDM- former POTROG rocking a smock.

Let us commit to wearing the Ghanaian smock properly and with elegance.

Doing so is at the very least an outward sign of a humble heart.

Nii B. Andrews



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