By Nii B. Andrews

FROM GRASS TO GRACE: Olaniyi Rasheed Akindiya (Akirash). Mixed media; canvas, metal, plastic, celluloid, yarn, wood, paint – acrylic, oil, enamel,170 x 176cm, 2010. Signed and dated left lower corner. Private collection, purchased from the artist.

His “nomme de brosse” is Akirash and he often combines painting, sculpture, installation and performance, to comment on the economic systems that impact daily life.

In FROM GRASS TO GRACE, Akirash juxtaposes wood and plastic utensils, recyclables, paper and other detritus of consumerism and re-purposes and aligns them into both his medium and subject matter.

The composite morphs into an exuberant declaration of joy and a creative triumph that we can all revel, frolic and develop in.

Have we or can we achieve the same for Africa and its diaspora?

If not, what stops us from doing so?

Do we not deserve better for ourselves and our children?

Or have we become impotent and frigid by a world pock marked by gratuitous real and symbolic violence, unbridled corruption and greed; and rape of the environment?

Certainly, wherever we are and whatever we do, each of us can and should answer these questions for herself based solely on the dictates of her conscience.

Perhaps here (by intoning grace), Akirash is prodding us towards the neglected essentials of the spirit; vital spiritual values neglected by our mad mechanized stampede towards a crass materialism.

Good art should and always does offer us a fresh and independent view of the world.

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    1. Hey hey Akirash!!!!!

      Great to hear from you. As you can see, we are thankfully doing OK.

      We have been following your progress but will be happy to know the details.

      And of course as always we are interested in your artwork…in promoting, supporting and enjoying it.

      Do please keep in touch.

      Warmest personal regards.


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