[Tolerance Levels for Nonsense]


“Let’s be clear: Without a coronavirus vaccine, we will never be able to live normally again.

The only real exit strategy from this crisis is a vaccine that can be rolled out worldwide.

 …….And despite the efforts, it is still not even certain that developing a COVID-19 vaccine is possible.

Today there’s also the paradox that some people who owe their lives to vaccines no longer want their children to be vaccinated.

…….I hope this crisis will ease political tensions in a number of areas.

It may be an illusion,……I hope that the World Health Organization [WHO]…….can be reformed to make it less bureaucratic and less dependent on advisory committees in which individual countries primarily defend their own interests.

WHO too often becomes a political playground.

Anyway, I remain a born optimist.

And now that I have faced death, my tolerance levels for nonsense and bullshit have gone down even more than before.

So, I continue calmly and enthusiastically, although more selectively than before my illness.”

                                                                                              PETER PIOT.

P’AMITE : Pierre Segoh, mixed media on canvas, 49 x 49 cm , 2003. Private collection. Purchased from the artist.


[Does this painting of Segoh provide an autopsy or forensic analysis of our prevalent emotions during this pandemic, a powerful threat to our individual lives and our collective life as we know it?

Male, female and the spiked one (who must remain unnamed!) are all featured.

Segoh renders them separate but equal yet all overseen by an ancestral head emerging from the deep blue background.

The enigma is emphasised by the tentative text, some of it cancelled; speech, writing and all our tools are in doubt.

What is not in doubt – has never been, and never will – and most evident in the painting is the all encompassing color blue – a symbol of Intelligence, Faith, Truth and HEAVEN.]


“I mix with the people without letting the people mix with me, and that is the reason for all what they say and think.

They want me to be like them, but I cannot.

I only do the things which would stimulate my growth as a person and as a musician.

I am well nourished, and I make it a point that no one would steal away my nourishment.”

                                                                                 KOFI GHANABA.

Photo by Aniko Lichi Szatmari, 2019.

****[Vitamin D therapy….just in case. Sensible (according to latitude and weather) sun exposure is free, available to all and quickly improves vitamin D status.]

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