By Damali and Nii B. Andrews

These days the emphasis is on bluster; the celebrity; the so called “influencer”; mostly fluff.

But there was a time when people were brought up to be modest, quiet and diligent workers, constantly striving to excel at skills that ameliorate suffering and solve existential problems.

And if you were brought up in a Presbyterian household, such was the ethos and your modus operandi.

Your world view was moulded for service to humanity and a fearless devotion to truth.

Our dear sister in law, Dr. Christine Clerk, embodied these wholesome, timeless, Presbyterian tenets of honesty, discipline, cheerful unassuming sacrifice, service and excellence.

She applied her towering intellect and industrious spirit to fighting the scourge of malaria in Africa, a blight on our continent that fells poor children, disadvantaged women and even strong men in the mines and open fields- and what a warrior she was in their defence!

No doubt thousands, if not millions of lives, especially of children have been saved by her herculean efforts.

Of course, she was a loving and generous mother and sister; always polite and gracious even when she battled her own serious medical condition that sapped her energy while gnawing at her patience and spirit.

She was simply calm, cheerful, always reasonable and dependable –  whether we were at the backyard in Teiman, on the lawn at Abokobi, lounging in the soaring living rooms at Tema or Southlake or navigating the Spanish quarter or the souk in Marrakech before living it up at the Comptoir till past midnight.

We thank the Giver of All Good Things for the blessing of her life.

His will has been accomplished.

We shall never ever forget her; devoted wife and mother; simply just a cool Sistah, but a ferocious, tenacious, thoroughly professional malaria fighter and stalwart defender of the health of vulnerable women and children.

No bluster, no fluff – never; just the Right Stuff.

That was C squared!

Lawd have mercy on ALL of us, the frail creatures of thine Eternal Providence.

May our dear Sistah’s gentle soul find a place at the footstool of your Throne on High.

ANGELIC PRAISE: Max Boadi, acrylic on canvas, 125 x 160 cm, 2018. Signed and dated. Courtesy of the artist.


  1. Lovely tribute. I love the intro. These days if you are not an opinion leader then you’re said to be dull, you cannot be correct in your ways.

    Worst still if you have a contrarian view or approach to solving issues.

  2. A well deserved rest for a heroine. God’s Peace for her family and friends. Strength for Eddy.

  3. She sounds like a truly beautiful soul. May she rest from her labours in perfect peace🙏 May those she left behind find solace, comfort & strength in God as they continue on their individual & collective journeys🙏🙏

  4. Beautiful tribute to my sister, and all so true! Life in the family without her is going to be so so difficult especially for her siblings – a very close knit family. May her sweet and gentle soul find eternal rest in the bosom of Him who gave us this treasure. Thank you Nii B and Damali for this beautiful eulogy. The journey continues for the rest of us. May we also receive a joyous welcome by our Maker when we get off at our Stop.

  5. Amen. Beautiful tribute. (Ithink I can say that). So apt too. May her soul rest in perfect peace.

  6. Amen! A beautiful piece to a lovely and gentle soul. Worked with her in Navrongo and at the School of Public Health. A great loss to all of us. May she Rest In Peace

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