By Nii B. Andrews.

The just ended 1-54 art fair’s 2nd African edition was aresounding success.

There were many tremendous improvements over the debut fair.

And that is what is important; a continuous trajectory of progress and striving towards excellence; the upholding of an ideal.

FRAGILE: Mustapha Akrim, reinforced concrete and metal, 186 x 70 x 25 cm, 2019.

At ARTcapital Ghana, we observed that the African edition of the 1-54 continues to project a dynamic, inclusive, proud, friendly, disciplined, sharp and top class Africa – an Africa as it was and ought to be at all times.

ROILING RED: Frances Goodman; wood, fiberglass,  polyurethane foam, silicone glue and acrylic false nails; 153 x 254 x 28 cm, 2018. Courtesy of the artist and SMAC Gallery.

The various events had great atmosphere in spectacular architectural sites: the iconic La Mamounia; the art deco masterpiece that houses the Comptoir des Mines Gallery and of course the breath taking MACAAL which stands at the end of a fairy tale verdant cobblestone  driveway.

The Casablanca possé came to lend its support to Amina Agueznay (black outfit, right end of photo)- accomplished architect and artist.

By far the most sublime achievement of the fair was thecoming together of BEAUTY FULL people from Auckland to Agadir and beyond; allsharing, vibing together; enjoying each other’s company; meeting in peace,harmony and mutual respect under Africa’s late winter sun.

And of course, how can one forget the magnificence of theart; clever, insightful and cutting edge.

Enjoy the pics; we hope they transmit some of the energy of this African celebration of OUR vibrant contemporary art and culture.

Gallery crawl, La Mamounia.
ANATOMIE D’UN VOYAGEUR: Mohamed Arejdal, mixed media, 230 x 180 x 40 cm, 2019.
Installation outside the MACAAL.
With Dimitri Fagbohoun and friends outside the Comptoir des Mines.
Installation, Amina Agueznay.
Installation in the party tent at the MACAAL.
Basking in the late winter sun before the tent started jumping after sundown.

FILM NOIR, CADRE DE SURVIE, LES PASSEURS: Clay Apenuvon; stretch film, different recovered objects; Variable dimensions, 2019. Courtesy of the Mariane Ibrahim Gallery.
Jeremiah Quarshie.
NAKHIL: Mohamed Arejdal, mixed media, 300 x 160 cm, 2019.
Evening exhibition launch at the Comptoir des Mines.
Artist Joana Choumali and Curator Azu Nwagbogu of Zeitz MOCAA.
DJ AMINE makes the Tent rock during the late evening at the MACAAL.

The work of Hassan Hajjaj; always colorful and “extra”.

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