By Nii B. Andrews

The iconic gentleman, physically contorted in a wheelchair, with a synthesizer voice but sharp as a tack passed on this week.

Where he was born, lived, taught and among those that he worked with all over the world, he was simply called a scientist.

UNTITLED; Kwadwo Ani, acrylic on canvas, 131 x 100 cm, 1999; signed and dated left lower corner. Private collection – purchased from the artist.

No one ever called him a prophet even though he had made several momentous predictions and was also mistaken in quite a few.

But then, no one has ever called Einstein a prophet either.

Hey, now look around you.

Amidst the “booming” economy; the indiscipline; the choked gutters and heaps of lassa fever rat infested garbage; a precarious health, educational and banking system….and much more; vociferous cognitively challenged men and women, keep making ridiculous statements in the name of prophecy and keep getting enhanced free publicity.


Worst of all, there is a troll on one of my whatsapp groups who anytime the filth and indiscipline in the nation come up, he drones in with a, “hahahaha, and so what are you going to do about it, shout yourself hoarse?”

And most people consider him educated – and perhaps he is, but frustration or dishonesty or cynicism have caused him to lose his moorings.

Do we value research and systematic rational analysis followed by informed decisive action; is that our way of examining, understanding and solving our problems?

Or we have “our own” way, the “g” way?

Has “our own” way – the “g” way – to date brought us anything that we can be justifiably proud of; anything sustainable and valuable?

Ani is no prophet and has never claimed to be one; he simply imagines or observes and records.

His almost 20 year old painting depicting the veritable chaos, disorder and confusion in a children’s bedroom or dorm has specific resonance with the “g” way.


Clearly, from the colorful and lyrical painting, whoever is supposed to or mandated to maintain law and order or provide leadership has abdicated their responsibilities and or is temporarily unavailable for strange reasons.

The ensuing chaos certainly looks hellish.


Because one thing is certain; there is and will be ORDER in heaven.

And I am no prophet.

Rest in peace, Stephen Hawking.

11 thoughts on “HAWKING, PROPHECY AND “OUR WAY”.”

  1. Nii, thanks for this article, so spot on. 

    We have become a nation of liars on all levels and in all aspects, a nation of the Wild West.

    Have a good day and greetings to Damali.

  2. Enjoyable reading. You make writing seem so simple.


    Tried looking for “wheelchair chair.”

    Is it a mistake?

  3. Enjoyable reading. You make writing seem so simple.


    Tried looking for “wheelchair chair.”

    Is it a mistake?

    1. MMM, respectfully, not guilty as charged.
      Perhaps these days, the bar has been set too low?

      Have a great weekend too and thanks for your support.

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