“I believe it’s more important for me to teach about culture than it is to teach about art specifically.

But I’m fascinated by art because it tells us about people.

When you study art that may at first seem exotic or incomprehensible, you will find that it actually expresses familiar ideas.

People everywhere have the same concerns, the same aspirations, the same love of beauty, and all expressed through art.

If we could understand this, we could relate to each other as people rather than just generalizing about those from a particular race, religion, or political persuasion.”


BUSINESS WOMAN: W. Massimo, metal and oil paint, variable size, 2008. Private collection, purchased from the artist.


Touria Glaoui – founder of 1:54 Art fair and Damali – COO of ARTcapital GHANA and founder HAIRart GHANA. Feb 2018.

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