By Nii B. Andrews

Dimitri Fagbohoun takes on the arduous task of tackling memory in all its manifestations – personal, intimate, public and collective.

Spirit of Picasso, 2017.Two wings of Xsara Picasso, 100 x 85 x 5cm Crown 20 x 15cm Unique cut and soldered, putty and varnish

His method involves focusing on classical traditional African artwork, mainly sequestered in famous museums in Europe and North America, and examining how these pieces have influenced Western art practice in the current epoch.

Alafo Riri, 2015 Fetish with nails, enameled ceramic, studs 50 x 20 cm Unique Collection Ellen Taubman, New York, USA

The art works have a disruptive tendency by shredding the admitted  models and guidelines used to define identities and history.

In this approach, Fagbohoun searches for the collective “we” that will provide continued universal harmony.

E motions, 2017 Mobile, two bronze arches 90 and 70 cm, enamelled ceramic masks and sculpture. Unique

The series is called “RECOLLECTION”; it commenced in 2014.

Adé, 2015. Neon light, 15 x 20 cm. Ed. of 3 .#1 Collection Céline Melon, Lyon, France.

It has been very well received and has resulted in the award of a Smithsonian Fellowship to the artist in 2017.

L’art nègre…, 2017 Neon light (quote attributed to Picasso) 150 x 12 cm Ed. of 2 Collection Didier Claes

Fagbohoun has a warm and engaging personality; he is of Beninois and Ukrainian parentage and was brought up in the Cameroon and Europe.

Black Virgin with Child, 2015 Black enameled ceramic and bronze crown Statuette 85 x 30 x 35 cm, crown 20 x 15 cm Unique Collection Rosario Bifulco, Milan, Italy

His work involves painting, sculpture, video, photography and installation, all in a consummate attempt at utilizing an incisive poetic language to distill for the viewer the essence of Recollection and memory.

One Hundred and thousands nights, 2016 Installation of nine black enameled ceramic masks and 35 cm brass halos Ceramic red heart 50 x 40 x 30 cm, white ceramic crown 30 x 20 cm Unique

**All images are courtesy of the artist.

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