[March 26 1924 – January 22 2018]

He was debonair, cultured, refined, genteel, …..a renaissance man who always spoke the truth – nothing more and nothing less; a true initiate – a true mason; always conciliatory but firm in his convictions and affections.

Uncle KB studiously avoided the stale and morally bankrupt logic of pragmatism for sadly such equivocation never fails to make the unimaginable possible.

May we always recall with great esteem the militant and rich public career of our departed illustrious countryman, immutably based as it was, on unwavering enlightened pan- African and moral principles and foundations, which were manifested in his commitment, faithfulness and self-denial in the defense of the constants and sacred values of our glorious republic – Ghana.

We never heard a caustic comment from him about those who attacked him; he let the wind, without resistance, take them away.

His great store of anecdotes- no, tapes- always made crooked things straight.

We have lost an unabashed patriot.

It is our fervent prayer that his gentle soul will find favor at the Throne of Grace.

UNTITLED: Anane Asare, acrylic on canvas, 105 x 105.5 cm, 2001. Signed and dated lower left corner. Private collection, purchased from the artist.

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