A) Golden Amber

This arrangement features striking hues of golden yellow and orange man-made amber.

The decorative elements on the amber are unique to the Tuareg of the Sahel region of Africa.

This is the great attraction.

Ashanti bronze beads, cups and short seed bead sticks grouped between the beads add a pulsating rhythm sensation to this arrangement.

B) Unity

The title comes from the two headed crocodile albeit sharing a stomach. This refers to an Adinkra symbol and calls for unity, especially when sharing the same destiny.

The main body consists of golden yellow, man-made amber with typical Tuareg decoration.

There are also enormous bamboo coral pieces, Nigerian bronze pendants all lined up for rich effect.

A Venetian 6 layer chevron bead from the 19th century and a fine ebony, silver decorated bicon amber balance each other.

Short seed bead sticks add contrast and finally, an Ashanti elbow shaped  “akyim prebu” (bird’s nest) bronze filigree bead in place of a clasp to hold the arrangement in a necklace form.

The two headed crocodile pendant is then clearly displayed.

5 thoughts on “PORTFOLIO – 20”

  1. Loving beads since my arrival to Ghana in 1974 and knowing Kati from her arrival in Accra, I can only say, she is the “Queen of beads”.

    The first woman who strung them, not just rough on cotton strings but with a sense of art and beauty.

  2. This is priceless work and effort that you are putting out there. More grease to your elbows.

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