By Nii B. Andrews.

The vivid hyper real digital paintings of the young, promising Ghanaian artist – Denzel Oduro, reference the contemporary hip urban scene in Ghana and beyond.

His subjects are young, vibrant and rocking up to the minute hair styles, clothes and accessories.

CATLEESI: 42 × 59 cm, July 2018

There is a recurrence of striking young female models through which the artist interrogates reality in this technological age; especially the manner in which technology is applied to masking or exaggerating reality particularly with reference to the feminine form…a task with which the media appears obsessed.

Sometimes, even elbow creases are photo shopped off models in ads!

SPARROW: 29 x 42 cm, July 2018

His latest work shape-shifts from concept through digital design to a high quality final product.

Perhaps he is riffing on the fakeness of society and more specifically popular culture.

He tests the extremes and contours of how technology has given humans more control over their appearance.

DEER: 29 × 42 cm; July 2018

Denzel’s artwork remains an excellent starting point for young collectors.

His pieces also broaden the base of older and established collections.

The latest works are available to collectors as limited edition signed prints of only 10 each; each is numbered with a seal.

You may order them from here; the prices are available on request.

GAZE: 29 × 42 cm; March 2018.
NAHLA: 29 × 42 cm, May 2018.


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