“In the developed countries when you’re caught (being corrupt) you’re finished; there are consequences.

In Ghana or Africa when you’re caught you can even bluff them; they say ‘and so what’ because he knows nothing will happen.

As for me I will say it; if that means to go home, I’m ready to go home this evening.

We need a public sector which is up and doing and I think it is time we looked at the rules again.”



“There should be consequences for non-performance and there should be consequences for indiscipline in the public sector.

………Today, people take political and administrative positions in the public service not because of their burning desire to serve our beloved country, but as an opportunity to pursue their ‘personal economic recovery programs’.

People appointed into strategic positions such as ministers, board members, chief executives are either square pegs or icons of corruption and, in a few cases where the good ones stand up for the right things to be done, the boardroom wrangling can be heard loud and clear…….. most often, it is because their time has come to also loot the public purse and rape the treasury.”


[Current Auditor General of the Republic of Ghana (AUGROG)]

***** NBA NOTE:

Non-Orientable Nkansa II has been acquired by a museum in North America.

The installation consists of numerous shoe boxes, made from scrap materials found in Accra and Kumasi, Ghana.

The boxes were used to carry tools for polishing and repairing shoes.

They were purchased by Mahama and his coworkers from rural migrant workers who had become itinerant semi-skilled artisans in the urban locales.

The boxes are then fastened together in a single monumental unit.

Other items usually carried by artisans within the boxes – heels, needles, hammers and fabric, jut out from the boxes.

The whole are then stacked together in a shrine-like or colossal arrangement.

4 thoughts on “QUOTATION # 42”

  1. Domelevo is a rare type.
    He was doing his bit, quietly, at a high level within the public sector.
    Now he has become more vocal.
    Sadly, he may be going home soon, as he seemed to predict.

  2. Wow!!. Will like to see NON ORIENTABLE NKANSA II. What was the purchasing price from the museum?
    As for Yao Domelevo,………..he’s my man of the moment.

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