[On African artists and artisans].

“African artisans grapple with the daily challenges that are present in their regions such as building houses in areas that avoid the mighty floods and using materials that suit their respective regions. 

There is a reality cloaked in the fantastical: artistry that lends itself to a deeper consideration of form and function, as well as to the transcendent nature of African craftsmanship. 

There are certainly parts of the African continent that face drastic challenges.”

“And not all of that can be changed through surging artistic energies or a new creative generation. But the conversations are being constructed and the symbols are being seen. 

Craft can be a catalyst for social and economic developments. 

Equally exhausted and motivated, from working under the burden of misnomers and archaic stereotypes, the creative communities of Africa are ready to overcome this traditional racism and ignorance. 

They have the strength to start nearly anew; they do not need rescue or a colonizing presence. 

They are their own salvation and this is in every nuance of their craft.”


***LOOK AT THIS by Kofi Agorsor; Private Collection.

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