“Nuclear weapons are owned, controlled by, or stationed in 15 countries: Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Israel, Russia, India, Pakistan, China, North Korea, Belgium, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Turkey, and the United States.

What human is likely to break the nuclear calm?

A deranged leader, a power-mad despot, an amoral paranoid, a suicide bomber, a terrorist, one engaged in a brinkmanship game of “chicken” spun out of control, a child-emperor, a thin-skinned hothead?

To the greatest extent possible, physicians should endeavor to assure that the leaders who could authorize the first strike be mature, sane, cool under pressure, loving humanity and their lives and families, capable of exercising self-control, crisis-tested, and who fully comprehend the enduring consequences.

Think about that.

Think hard about that.

There is no adequate medical response to nuclear war.

Prevention is the only option.

Be afraid; be very afraid”


THE FIGHT: Kwadwo Ani, acrylic on canvas,127 x 97 cm.1999. Signed and dated left lower corner. Private collection.
Brock Family Photograph featuring at least 3 generations; Osu, Accra, circa 1930. Private collection. (My Dad is seated 5th- on the floor- on the left side of the photograph in a white shirt and with a smile. He is in front of his Grand uncle who is wearing a stroller).


2 thoughts on “QUOTATION # 7”

  1. Nuclear War….

    Surely the consequences are unthinkable.

    Yet prevention is very much out the control of everyone except the one mad individual who is unable to control him/her self.

    What a shame that our collective destiny is not in our hands!!

    I agree that we must be very afraid.

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