By Sarah Daniels.

Coffee lovers, have you ever wondered what happens to your aluminium Nespresso  coffee capsule or pod once you’ve brewed your fresh coffee?

Come here and let me tell you!

In the sultry evening of the 22nd of March a very special event took place in the heart of Osu.  

The Alabo-Moffat Foundation played host to the debut art exhibition of the up and coming Stephanie Ring in one of Accra’s newest event spaces – Cabô.  

Stephanie creates her art with used Nespresso capsules hence the exhibition was aptly called Samsara (meaning circle of life in Sanskrit).   

****PERCEPTION OF TRUTH: Stephanie Ring, mixed media – coffee capsules and acrylic on canvas, 60 x 60 cm.***** 

By the way, did you know each Nespresso capsule produces 1g of aluminium waste. Imagine that when its multiplied upwards.

Unfortunately for planet earth, less than a quarter of Nespresso capsules are recycled globally. 

Just as well Stephanie has found a way to minimise all that waste.

***TREE OF LIFE: Stephanie Ring, mixed media – coffee capsules, acrylic on canvas, 140 x 140 cm.***

She pounds the used foil capsules into submission to design and create some awesome pieces, which include wall art (The Tree of Life was my runaway favourite, using 1827 capsules),  lampshades, and curtains. 

And get this, Stephanie was even wearing her art in what I can only describe as a chain mail skirt.

 She looked fabulous!

Stephanie originally sourced the used capsules from friends and family but has now linked up with Nespresso itself. 

****HOPE: Stephanie Ring, mixed media- coffee capsules and acrylic on canvas, 120 x 90 cm.******

Each piece of art can use over 1000 capsules and is capable of giving infinite hours of pleasure to the owner. 

This is upcycling in the true sense of the word and we need more of it! 

The venue was a cool calm oasis in the centre of Accra. 

Cabô’s contemporary minimalist surroundings have been sympathetically designed to be eco-friendly. 

The need for energy hungry air conditioning was limited as gaps between the walls and the ceiling provide natural ventilation. 

*****Farida Alabo – Moffat, the curator with the artist Stephanie Ring; the latter is wearing one of her own creations*****

In between the gaps the sky was clearly visible which lent some je ne sais quois to the evening. 

What ceiling there was, is made from sustainable bamboo with gorgeous woven lampshades swinging gently in the breeze, reminding me somewhat bizarrely of jellyfish. 

The curator of the event Ms Farida Alabo-Moffat herself, was on hand to handle any queries.

It was an evening where serene and sensitive surroundings were perfectly partnered with uniquely uplifting upcycling and made magical.

I loved it. 

For more information please contact:

0551197777  @morranastudio 

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