By Damali and Nii B. Andrews.

Within the US, the surcingle belt has always been associated with ivy or preppy style. In the UK, it derives from military origins and often featured regimental colors.

A staple characteristic of the belt is the web body with leather fittings on either end and a frame style metal buckle.

It is best worn with casual attire during summer. In our part of Africa, this translates to almost year round.

The belts crafted in our atelier are handmade designs of hand spun wool or cotton, based on traditional Berber/Amazigh motifs.

Each belt is unique; there are never any two that are identical.

Our fabrication techniques include soft loosely woven hand spun wool, that is then delicately dyed to take on ancient Berber/Amazigh designs or wholly woven designs.

The patterns are graphic, colorful and vibrant.

They fit beautifully with the tan or dark brown leather trimmings and brass buckles.

Tan, cream, khaki and olive chinos or linen pants often pop when worn with the African surcingle.

It is best then to keep the shirts monochromatic; brown good quality loafers clinch the deal…..with or without socks.

Surcingle belt with heather grey henley and cream pants.

As in the West, the African surcingle belt can also be rocked by all genders.

Every single one of ours is handmade and unique – African traditional craftsmanship finely honed for an evolving modernity!

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