As promised, pictures from “Sunday at the Artists’ Alliance”; the reception for Mr. Darren Walker- President of the Global Ford Foundation.

Pictures are by the kind courtesy of MPL Events.

A warm welcome from Prof. Glover, Founder of Artists’ Alliance.

Gallery tour

Traditional leaders of La


Introductions and salutations:

Damali, COO ARTcapital Ghana; Founder and Artistic Director Natural HAIRart Ghana

Dr. Andrews, President ARTcapital Ghana.

Dr. Andrews and Damali of ARTcapital Ghana with Prof. Glover and Mr. Walker

Prof. Glover puts Mr. Walker through his paces on how to wear kente cloth.

Mrs. Glover, Artists’ Alliance

Mr. Walker, Damali and some guests

Ga traditional musicians and dancers.

Awesome drum orchestra.

Prof. Glover, Mr. Walker and Mr. Chukwuma- West Africa Regional Director, Ford Foundation enjoying the musical interlude.

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Nii B. Andrews


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