ON MIXED MARTIAL ARTS (MMA).                 

“Nobel Prize winning author and French name owner, Andre Gide gave his view on art in Poetique, stating that,

‘Art begins with resistance — at the point where resistance is overcome. No human masterpiece has ever been created without great labour’.

JON “BONES” JONES, Courtesy of the artist, Patrick Killian

If you subscribe to this interpretation of art, fighting is art at its purest.

Unlike the majority of artistic pursuits, fighting is one in which the artists are in active competition.

One man will walk away having failed.

The stakes are very well understood by both men and there is a good chance that both the victorious and defeated party will get hurt in the process.



JON “BONES” JONES, Courtesy of the artist, Patrick Killian

But courageous and daring, and beautiful in a way.

Certainly indicative of a fire inside which any artist would wish to be able to show in their work.

Francis Ford Coppola described risk as a necessary part of any true art.

THE GREATEST, Courtesy of the artist, Patrick Killian

…………the very real stakes of an actual fight remind us of that ‘truth’ that is always talked about in relation to art.

There is nothing more honest and brutal than a fight and often the hero ends up bloodied and broken.”




ARTcapital Ghana salutes Isaac Commey- the undefeated MMA  Featherweight.

Discipline, hard work,  tenacity, humility  and faith will ensure your progress to the world championship.


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